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Who are we?

Envisioned by one, loved by many.

Danieal, Underwear with Pockets was thought of in 2013 when he was home alone on a warm summer day, walking around his house in just his underwear. At first a typical lazy day turned into one of the most exciting days of his life.


He noticed that while going from room to room he had to locate his phone each time he moved around. Eventually he put on a pair of shorts so that he could put his phone in a pocket.


"Why don't underwear come with pockets?" That same day he drew sketches, bought a sewing machine and fabric and started working on this new idea. After making many pairs he finally found the perfect design and started selling them on a small scale to see if anyone else would find his idea useful.


After much success on a small scale it was time to expand. And here we are today, making peoples lives easier whether it's for travel, medical or just pure convenience.



Danieal Underwear with Pockets

Originally the idea of underwear with pockets was thought of to help make every day easier by having a place to store your phone, remote control, gum and more.

Danieal Underwear with Pockets

After receiving feedback we found that a lot of people are using the pockets in their underwear for medical reasons such as holding an insulin pump or keeping their medication on them at all times.

Danieal Underwear with Pockets

We also found that others are using the pockets in their underwear while travelling, to avoid being pick-pocketed and to have more on-body storage while traveling on business or leisure. Our underwear are traveling the world.

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